Israel election: failed democracy

Israel: the end of a democracy.

A long time Israel was praised by the media as the only democracy in the Middle East, as the symbol of democracy in the region. Now this evaluation must be severely questioned. During the war in Gaza an important numbers of Israelis and Arab Israeli’s where arrested, questioned by police and put under supervision to stop them protest to the war. Are these the facts of a functional democracy? Also the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert repeatedly praised the so called home front stability suggesting that the country is a battle line and liberties must be put aside. Are these the facts of a democracy? Also the strong media manipulation, the censorship in Gaza and Israel, the using of  military embedded reporters, the crack down on independent media, the close of the Gaza strip to foreign journalists, using patriotic and chauvinistic slogans to united Israel under a policy of war. Are these the facts of a democracy? A proven corrupt prime minister, forced to resign is left to use the military forces for his own party agenda and for winning the elections. This is more close to a dictatorship like the Argentine dictators that used the Falkland war to survive or Mussolini war on Ethiopia. Only dictatorship are using censorship , arrests, chauvinistic manipulation of press and military action to win so called democratic elections. Now Israel is a failed democracy, manipulated and corrupted that is a threat to the Middle East stability.  To reconstruct Israel democracy is an international and regional urgency in order to preempt aggression war like this Gaza war. Human Rights Watch, a prominent prodemocracy group already ask for the new US president Barrack Obama to suspend aid to Israel until this country is not proving to abide the international democracy standards. 

This is the state in which Israel is finding himself today : isolated, diplomatic pariah of international society, condemned by all major international organization, condemned by the greatest power of XXI century : power of the people and  with a failed democracy and a corrupt society easy to be manipulated on aggressive wars.

Israel – 2009 failed election

The real test of how democratic is Israel was the 10-th February election and unfortunately Israel failed this test. The Israeli Arab community was pressured and divided   in order to don’t have independent candidates, an important number of Arab activist have being imprison or pressured , as a result the Arab community refused to participate in this crucial election being denied a basic right of a democratic society : to participate at electoral process. For Israel also the political class doesn’t offer any solution. Kadima party of Tzipi Livni launched two failed wars in Lebanon and Gaza being responsible for the violence in Palestinian territory, for the failed peace process in the Middle East it is hard to believe that they will become a peace party in the future. The Likud party is known for his opposition to any concession to Arab community or to Palestinian state, Benjamin Netanyahu promised to topple Hamas in Gaza, to attack Iran and to pressure military Syria, an agenda of war and terror in the Middle East. The new born of the Israel policy   the  Israel Beytenu  party wants to expel Arab community still living in Israel, to further separate Palestinian Territory from Israel, to confiscate land from Arab community and to give it to Israeli settlers. Finally but not the last on war promises is the Labor Party chaired by Ehud Barrack , the architect of the Israel success in the War in Gaza finalized with at least 470 children being killed and 500 woman’s .  Ehud barrack goes to the polls shrouded in this flag of an unnecessary war made only for gaining votes.

This is the spectacle of Israel election in 2009, a spectacle that disappoints even the Israeli public opinion and promised only new tension in the region and not any solution. A failed opportunity for Israel, Palestine and Middle East.                                                                                             


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  2. hoff2 says:

    Hello again. Well, I dont think there is much to say about the global jew mafia, except they dont want peace – they want eternal war. The jews have always waged war against all the non-jews and always will.

    The jews MUST be hated, thats what knits the jews together The simple truth is that nobody care about jews, until the mafia jews gets in your face and provoke disgust against this jew. Next thing this jew starts accusing you of being a jewhater.

    Gaza is nothing but a shooting range with live game. What “israel” politic is about is: Shall we kill all the palestinians right now or shall we keep some and have a shooting range?

    “israel” has nothing to do with democracy, its a zionist ashkenazi fake “jews ONLY” entity. Jewish apartheid at its “finest”.

    Boycott is one of the global jew mafias greatest weapon. Lets boycott “israel” on a global scale. Excang Iran with “israel” and you got the truth about the jew mafia and lets do this to “israel”.

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    Professor in what and what do you do in public?


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