May 2, 2015

Supervising the elections in any country in the world is a momentous and difficult task and not to be taken lightly.
You have to observe the present, but with responsibility for the future and impartiality in your heart.
If you are supervising elections in Kazakhstan, the heart of Central Asia, the task is doubled in significance, as Kazakhstan has become an example in the world.

International Monitoring Committee-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea , MA, FINS, EDA is elected head of International Election Monitoring Group for 2015

Kazakhstan has carved himself in the centre of international politics, the host of international meetings destined to bring peace and dialogue in the world, the place where technology and tradition meets and the mediator between developed and developing countries, a place where East and West can build a bridge for dialogue.
Observing elections in such a key country it is an honourable and full of seriousness assignment.

For all this reasons, the invitation offered to me, on behalf of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, to observe the elections in the country, as an international observer, was a very challenging one, but nothing has prepared me for the phenomenon I was about to witness.

In Kazakhstan, on 26 of April 2015 I was witnessing the maturity exam of a people.

Born only in 1991, on the ruins of former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan was a young nation, a country only developing his democratic institutions and credentials.

Tabulation of elections results

Supervising counting and tabulations results

After the early presidential elections held on 26 April 2015, we can safely conclude that this stage was phased out.

With a record presence at poll, of over 95%, people of Kazakhstan proved, without a shadow of a doubt, their commitment to free and fair elections, to build and uphold a democratic society.

While other nations are struggling to bring their electors to the urns and millions of voters disappointed by corruption and state inefficiency are feeling disenfranchised, in developing Kazakhstan millions of electors proved that democracy is not just an empty word to find in the political text books, but a living reality.

I have the pleasure of seeing the people of Kazakhstan taken their future in their hands and voting for their future development, for practical solutions, for experience to weather out the economic storm that is rummaging the world.

The elections in Kazakhstan where not just a democratic exercise, but they where the proof that the peoples power really exist and if the citizens are feeling involved in the economic, social and cultural life of their country, if the state is not failing them and provides the social benefits expected the people will respond partaking in the electoral process.

In the economic and political failed states of the world we can see the reduction of election attendance, the disinterest of the citizens and the broken down of the social contract that Rousseau and French revolutionaries had considered as the fundamentals of the state.

Election supervision

International observers are supervising elections urns opening

Kazakhstan state is honouring his social contract with his citizens and the response is this huge electoral participation.

95% electoral attendance can be a mystery in states where citizens are isolated and oppressed, but this is a reality in a functional nation.

In Kazakhstan, the 2015 elections where a national plebiscite in which the people decided above anything else their future.

I have observed this reality as hundreds of thousand of peoples turn out to vote accompanied by children’s and small infants, as they realized that it is not so much a vote for next few years, but a vote for future, for peace, for continuous democratic development and economic achievements.

Kazakhstan’s 2015 elections where undoubtedly democratic in nature, where fair and crystal clear transparent and where offering a few refreshing news for everybody.

On the fore is the news that democracy can be a real practice, can involve a nation that is educated and convinced of his role in history.

At the same time it was proven the fact that: governments and peoples are not confrontational actors on political arena, but they can cooperate to build a powerful country.

26 of April 2015 early presidential elections of Kazakhstan where the irrefutable proof of this self evident truth: that democracy can only work when all the people are involved.


September 21, 2013

Dr. Anton Caragea had draft an analysis of the policies implemented by Japanese Prime Minister-Shinzo Abe in the last year of government and is presenting the main figures of what is called today as abenomics. 

Profesor Dr.Anton Caragea si Ambasador Keiji Yamamoto-web

Just two years ago the key words about Japan where summarized in the expression: lost decades. After 1990, Japan seems to be fallen in along period marked by stagnation and by natural disasters such as Kobe earthquake and more recent Fukushima tsunami.

On economic field, the country that once towered over the region as an international symbol of economic growth in the sixties and seventies, was struggling now with hipper-inflation, reduced economic competitiveness and the unfair competition of cheep and low quality products of China.

The man who succeeded in pulling up the country from tittering on the brink of the abyss: Shinzo Abe had managed also to enrich the economic vocabulary with a new term: abenomics (a strange mingling of his name-Abe and economics).

What is abenomics?          

The economic policy that allowed a new Japanese economic miracle to appear was created by a seasoned and sophisticated mixture of direct state investment in economy and indirect state buying of Japanese National Bank bonds, a move that allowed for the credit to be cheaper and more relaxed and for interest rates to decrease.

This infusion of capital was not planed as a sole engine for economic growth  but was planed to aid and support private investment as the key factor in economic development.

State sponsored investment is just an auxiliary, a support and confidence booster in economic growth and an ingredient to further increase private confidence in economy.

Another key element of the economic stimulus plan is offered by the increase in competitiveness of the Japanese products by means of financial support, including currency devaluation that is insuring that national products are cheaper and more attractive and by fiscally backing increases in competitiveness.

Finally, what is making Japanese prime minister plan different is the accent on fighting the inflation and keeping it under control.

As a golden rule, any stimulus package must bear the responsibility of an increase in inflation. Is not the case with Japan where abenomics is creating a serious anti-inflation package with controlling the spike in wages, strict taxation and export oriented growth rather that stimulus of internal consumption.

All are specific measures that are making abenomics a balanced experience between growth and inflation, competitiveness and exports etc. Finally, another trait of the abenomics that deserves our attention is the social management plan.

The pension system, social security and health systems are all regarded as pivots of the economic growth but also of national satisfaction.

Proceeding by this path the Abe government is not falling down the easy road of electoral charity, as done in United States or Europe, but is opting for investing the economic surplus in indirect social expenses that are enriching life quality without inflation as a side effect.

A new inspired decision!

Abenomics-an international model?  

Once the first results of abenomics are becoming visible. the plan enjoyed a star status, many economists are predicting a role model for these economic policies, famous economic thinkers as Joseph Stiglitz, risking the prophecy that abenomics will be a successful blue print for world economy.

The general interest was also attracted by the elevation of economic situation at the level of national security agenda.

It is in this decision a message of seriousness and maximum attention that Shinzo Abe government is portraying as a supplementary strong point of the Japanese economy in front of the national and international private investors.

The status of national economy becomes as such an element of national security and your investments are sure, is the subliminal message that Japan is offering to the investment market as a new powerful arguments in his favour.

Undoubtedly, the news of the hay days of Japanese economy is a good news for world economy already deeply endangered by the collapse of Chinese economy.

The abenomics can be only used by the country which already has build a powerful economic apparatus, with a developed industrial mechanism like European Union members states or American economy, as we are confronted with an economic experience that is focused on refining the economic decisions in preventing inflation and insuring a healthy and stable economic development after the current world economic crisis.

As such the abenomics model must be understood and copied by the world economic powers in order to allow a solution to emerge out of this world economic crisis.

By this alone the abenomics can be the most valuable contribution that Japan is presenting in re-launching the world economy development and by extracting the world out of this auto-regenerating crisis.

Today, thanks to abenomics, Japan can rest assured as his role model in world economic recovery is guaranteed.

Trinidad and Tobago – the success story of tourism in 2012. World Best Tourist Destination by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea PhD, MA, FINS

October 24, 2011

Your Excellency Honorable Kamla Pershad Bissessar –Prime Minister of Government of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago .

Esteemed members of the Government and Parliament of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago , dear  guests and member of diplomatic corp  ,


It is may great honor and privilege to stand today, before you, honoring  a country that is becoming a WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION .

Tourism must be based on values such as nature preservation, cultural patrimony and history conservation for future generation and exactly for this need we have carved WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION as an international recognition of the country that are respecting this values .

It is always a pleasure  when  I have the occasion to meet and congratulate a representative of tourism industry that change the face of his country tourism  and of the region and helped to build a new future for a tourism that is respecting the values .

In a world crowded by images, without a form and substance ,  we come today to honor a CULTURE  , in a world that is loosing the true values, we come today the honor a real  TOURISM VALUE, in a time in which to many speak and do not act for natural preservation , we come to honor a NATURAL  PARADISE , we come to honor the Republic of TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO .

We are all here friend`s of humanity, of cultural tourism , in search for the countries and tourism values that are offering to all the tourist of the world the possibility of a safe, pleasurable and enlightening tourist experience .

Among the reasons leading to awarding WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2012 title to TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO the report

take under consideration:

–  Respecting cultural patrimony and traditions in offering to tourists a possibility to participate in impressive paraphernalia festivals such as: Holi, Hosay, Divali, Corpus Christi, Eid Al Fitr and special Tobago Heritage Festival Tobago Fest and Trinidad GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH etc.

Keeping alive spiritual traditions , integrating tourist and visitors in the atmosphere of the islands , offering possibility of an enriching cultural experience are achievements that transform Trinidad and Tobago in a spiritual destination of first hand.

–                      Promoting Trinidad and Tobago environmental protection, especially East Coast natural patrimony of wetlands, beaches and ecological and geographical biodiversity that make Trinidad and Tobago unique in the region. Supporting a new concept of tourism friendly to nature, with low nature impact and preservation of natural biodiversity and protection of endangered species and areas, especially rainforest eco-climate.

–                      Offering to tourists not only cultural experience or relaxation opportunities but also the possibility to explore nature , to contribute to ecological preservation and the opportunity to observed in Tobago the impressive Forest Reserve are model achievements in ecological tourism that must be world appreciated.

–                      The continuous development and protection of cultural and historical patrimony of Trinidad and Tobago, the transformation of Port of Spain in an historical center offering to the visitor a glimpse into rich culture of Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean heritage.

–                      Offering to the tourist a large area of cultural and ecological impressive programs such as: Wildlife Photography in places such El Tucuche Reserve, Valencia Wildlife Sanctuary, Caroni Bird Sanctuary. Cave exploration (in splendid places such as Gasparee Caves).Cycling, Hiking (Argyle Waterfall –a special destination), Kayaking (Paria bay and Tobago area).


We believe in a people that want to develop his country and we are glad to observe that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago also believe in his people.

We are believing in the future of Trinidad and Tobago and we are proud to see the Government of Trinidad and Tobago is also investing and believing in the future of Trinidad and Tobago.

We are believing that despite shortcomings and problems, in Trinidad and Tobago there is the will to overcome this issues and to step into a new way, a new future, and we are honored to see the government of Trinidad and Tobago shaping this future.

This is a prize that was always destined to unite peoples’ in pride, not to divide, to create a filing of pride and to inoculate a desire to strive for a better future, and I hope this will be the case for Trinidad and Tobago also.

For all this reasons European Union Council on Tourism and Trade decided, unanimously, to award WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2012 TITLE TO TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO and to declare TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO- FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATIONS in 2012.

This speech was written after reviewing dozens of reports and publications of scientific value, but it was lacking the knowledge of a major value of Trinidad and Tobago: the people.

During our stay we have meet the people of Trinidad and Tobago: on the streets, on the islands, working in tourism industry, learning the art of panyard, or learn to dance blending Africa, South America and Europe in a fiery spirit. To them is dedicated most of all the prize: to people of Trinidad and Tobago , they are constructing a future in which nobody will ask Why is Trinidad and Tobago –WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION ? They will make 2012 a better year not only for tourism but for all the country.


For all this reasons Is my privileged to award Your Excellency as representative of tourism of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago the award for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2012.



This title is an international recognition of your work for Republic of Trinidad and Tobago until today, in the service of tourism, culture and natural resources preservation and for people of Trinidad and Tobago, but is also a challenge because now we are expecting your services in the future benefit of the world tourism.

May this award be transformed in a support for developing the international standing of Trinidad and Tobago, for a sustainable tourism and development and in a base for further success for beautiful Trinidad and Tobago?

We congratulate you Mrs. Prime Minister and people of Trinidad and Tobago   for this outstanding   achievements.